MIMHAS ENERGY provides its customers with the supply and installation of Solar Energy Systems (SES) in line with their demands with its experienced team.
Our company, which works for the satisfaction of our customers in every aspect, meticulously implements the necessary technical and feasibility analyzes, periodic maintenance and price-performance evaluation throughout the process.

What Is SES

Solar Energy Systems (SES) are systems that convert sunlight into electrical energy through special panels. Solar energy which is an environmentally friendly and renewable energy source provides significant savings in energy costs on an individual and institutional basis.
Solar panels, which are becoming more efficient and cheaper day by day, minimizes the dependence on traditional fossil fuels and consequently on energy prices that fluctuate constantly on a global and local basis, and gives businesses a wider range of financial action.
Turkey, which is in a favorable position for the installation of solar energy systems due to its geographical location and climate characteristics, is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of solar energy potential. Solar energy, which is a sustainable, clean, efficient and independent energy source, is a long-term and profitable energy investment for both individuals and businesses with its wide usage areas and low maintenance costs.

Our Services

- System Analysis Pattern:
Rooftop Solar Energy Systems
Ground Surface Solar Energy Fields
SES in Agricultural Irrigation

- Project Management and Engineering

- Procurement   Implementation and Installation

- Periodic Maintenance
Solar energy is an inexhaustible and independent source of energy. It does not need any extra fuel for obtaining and usage.

The maintenance costs of solar panels are very low when compared to other energy sources.

Depreciation period of solar panels is quite short when compared to alternative energy production tools / facilities.

It is a sustainable and clean energy source. It does not emit any gas in the energy production process, and it does not leave harmful wastes to the environment.

It is suitable for both local use and large-scale commercial/institutional use.